Computer Organization and Architecture

Designing for Performance 

10th Edition 

William Stallings

Computers have evolved to encroach on every part of our everyday lives. This module studies computer large and small - from embedded systems in cars and vending machines, through digital phones, to tablet, desktop and server computers. The architecture of a typical CPU and motherboard will be revealed and utilised, including the use of binary (hexadecimal) numbers and instruction processing. The module will also look at motherboard interfacing (i.e. ports) and peripherals, networking, ethical hacking, and forensic computing.


Here you will find all classes presentation which cover all the book chapters. It contains 16 classes


Here you will find all practice laboratory instructions which cover all the book chapters. It contains 16 labs


All assignments which you need to pass the course with background of the course theory and practice.


Final topics list for the course project . All instructions for preparing the project software and its report.